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Szechuan Beef Stir Fry

I don’t have much to report this week.  It’s hot and I love it, that just won’t cut it right?  😉 Today’s temps. calling for 98, I’m sorry to say I’m in my glory! I have sweats on at 78 … Continue reading

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BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

We don’t get our boat out often enough, even though I could live on that thing come summer (it’s awesome for sprawling out and getting a good tan).  The hubs just has too many extracurricular things going on.  He hits … Continue reading

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Coney Sauce

On Father’s day John had wanted burgers, so that’s what I bought for him.  Though I love me a good burger I just wanted something else.  In fact, I was craving these…                    (Not my picture, thanks Google). So it was … Continue reading

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Lemon Lime Sorbet

I just recently bought an ice-cream maker.  Anyone that knows me knows I don’t like sweets and wondered why in the world I would buy one.  Well, I don’t care for sweets but I do love sorbets and many of … Continue reading

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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail has to be one of my all-time favorite appetizers.  I mean what’s not to love right?  Unless you are allergic to shellfish, I’d say this remains a favorite in many households.  Well, saddle up girls and boys because there’s a … Continue reading

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Easy Chicken Parmesan Casserole

This quick and easy chicken parmesan is baked, not fried. The secret is in the croutons you sprinkle on top, making the recipe easy and fast.  The resulting crust is crunchy on top and chewy on the bottom.  If chicken … Continue reading

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Cucumber Salad

So, we finally had the weather that I love this past weekend.  Ninety plus degrees.  Yes, you may want to clobber me over the head with something heavy but, I LOVE the heat.  I wish it was 90 everyday.  Really.  Every. single. day.  … Continue reading

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Old Bay Chex Mix

One of my favorite snack-type foods is chex mix.  One of my favorite seasonings is Old Bay.  Love that stuff.  I mix it with butter for corn on the cob or on baked potatoes.  I sprinkle it on french fries.  … Continue reading

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Finger Lime Chicken with Garlic

I first seen finger limes in my Food Network magazine.  After reading about them I decided to order some.  They are pricey so it will be a one time deal, at least for me.  I did share some with a … Continue reading

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Ocean Springs Shrimp

I discovered this recipe years ago and it’s been a favorite since then.  Sometimes it will stay hidden for a year or two but then I find it again and my taste buds kick into overdrive.  My recipes are not … Continue reading

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