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Pita Pizzas

I seen these pizzas at a birthday party a few summers ago.  Everyone could make their own pizzas and then one guy was burning them to a crisp cooking them on the grill.  The idea that people could make their own was … Continue reading

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Perfect Lemonade

Long weekend, short post 😉 Perfect timing though, since it’s finally heating up around here…yay! Perfect Lemonade Remove wide strips of zest from 2 lemons with a vegetable peeler (do not remove the pith).  Make 2 cups of simple syrup … Continue reading

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Galaxy jars or Glow jars

I first seen this project on Pinterest and I immediately knew that I wanted to make some of these jars.  I have a thing for lights you see.  I think it stems from being outside late in the summer whether using … Continue reading

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Garlic Herb Rolls

I was excited to make these because the amount of garlic that was in the recipe.  So, we’ll get right to it and then maybe someone can answers my questions that I have.  I’m so not a baker.  Cook, yes.  … Continue reading

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Really, I’m not missing in action.  I just tend to leave on occasion.  I’ve had a bit of the blah-blues but, I’m also super busy with photography projects.  I love doing photo shoots but the time that I spend editing … Continue reading

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Strawberry and Red Grapefruit Juice Popsicles

This kind of does not even feel like a recipe but, it’s really good…trust me!  It’s not often I crave something sweet (and this recipe isn’t unless you add lots of sugar) or something cold when it’s still cold here.  … Continue reading

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Shrimp Salad

This week looks like it’s going to be all about summer dishes.  I guess I’m being hopeful and wishing for my warm hot weather and my pool.  It’s been raining here and gray so I’m kind of daydreaming y’all.  Anywho, this food is … Continue reading

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