Fam and fur babies

I figured I would introduce you to the other special people and fur-babies in my life and post countless pictures 😉 

First is my son Derek, my soldier and my favorite taste-tester.

 (I don’t know why when I post this picture it seems to elongate…grrr!)

He is currrently in Afghanistan and is scheduled to come back to American soil by the end of July.  He resides at Fort Bliss in Texas when back ‘home’.  I am constantly praying that he comes home safely and in time to see his first child born.  Yep, he’s going to be a Daddy.  He’s also quite the jokester (don’t know where he got that from ;)).  Last summer I was planning my annual tubing party but, unbeknownst to Derek it was also a homecoming party for him.  He didn’t want to miss the tubing party so I let on that, that’s all it was.  Since it was a homecoming party and I knew around 100 people would be in and out that day, John (hubs) and I had a LOT of work to do to be ready for that many people and to feed them too.  So, we we’re working our tails off and about 3 days prior to Derek’s date to come home he called me.  Him -“Mom, I have bad news”.  Me (heart already pounding) -“What!? Just tell me!”  Him – “They changed their minds and I won’t be coming home for 3 more weeks”.  Me (ready to cry or scream) – “No way, they can’t do this.  They’re always changing their minds!  This caaannnnnoott be happening!”  Him – “It’s not I’m just teasing!”.  And that my friends is why I dye my 4,238 gray hairs!  It’s funny now but, if he would have been standing in front of me at that time I would’ve stomped on his big toe! And pulled his hair. 

Next is D’s fiance, Crissy or as I call her Kitty Kat 🙂  She is also in the Army and stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado.  In August she will be moving to Texas with Derek. 

Her due date is September 26th and she has an appointment on May 11th to find out the gender.  Her first ultrasound the baby looked like a waving gummy bear.  So we affectionately call the little one, Lil Gummy.  

She also has a little man, 5 years of age named Aiden.  So, technically I’m already a Granmama 🙂

I love this picture!  I’ll be posting more about Kitty Kat as the months progress.  I call and bug her often but, she never complains.  Recently she was saying how she cries easily and we we’re laughing because I’m like that too and I’m not pregnant!  But I do know why I’m emotional and it’s just because I worry about Derek.  I freak myself out and think too much.  And read too much.  At least I did quit watching the news though!

Before I post mega pics of my fur-babies, I’ll explain why my hubs is not making an appearance on here.  He dislikes getting his picture taken.  There is always a hand over his face or a newspaper or a hat.  It’s hard to get a decent one of him.  I could post one of him sleeping because that’s how I see him the most…lol!  But, he does exist and I think there is one of him in my “About” section. 

Onto my fuzzywuggles!  Haley is now 4 (just turned it on this past Friday) and Roxy was 2 in March.

Roxy on facebook, they learn so young now-a-days.

Haley as a pupperoni wanting to play with Bugaboo a kitty we no longer have.

Haley and Roxy’s Mom are sisters.  So Haley would be her Aunt, since she never had puppies she took to mothering Roxy like a pro.  She loves her Roxy. 


My beautiful Haley Bear.

Haley modeling for the camera.  I swear they start strutting when I get the camera out.


Roxy not feeling well.  Roxy has hip dysplaysia and I think because of this she gets viruses easier than Haley.  Roxy wants to be cuddled when she’s sick.  Just like a child.

Trying to get a picture for my son with two dogs.  Good luck with that…most of them looked like this 😉  Haley is just sooo bored with this modeling gig.

Taking up the couch as usual.

This was in February ’09.  Haley loved the snow and would bury her face in it.

What little snow we had this year was enjoyed by both girls.

Have a great Monday y’all!

About Suzie

My name is Suzie. I'm married and have a son in the Army. I enjoy cooking, country life, reading and my animals, hence the name of this blog. My two German Shepherds are underfoot anytime I'm cooking ;) Oh, I'm also addicted to Food Network Channel.
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8 Responses to Fam and fur babies

  1. Jenna says:

    I really enjoyed the pics of all your loved ones–furry and non-furry alike!

  2. You have such a beautiful family, congrats on the upcoming grandchild!! Your dogs are so adorable, they look like good friends too 🙂

  3. Veronica says:

    I enjoy reading about your family and life too, I’m glad you shared this. I loved all the photos–your fur babies are adorable, as is your human one. 🙂 That picture of Haley with her blankie on is too much! Your future daughter-in-law is beautiful and your upcoming grandbaby sure is going to be good-looking with parents like that!

  4. Suzie says:

    I’m sure you’ve seen many of these photos V, so thank you! Crissy is a beautiful girl, I just love her so! We are all so excited. I did get to talk to Derek tonight and he actually read this blog and said it was really cool…woohoo! I get props from my soldier…:D

    • Veronica says:

      I have, but not of Crissy, but I loved them all, new or old.

      That is so nice–doesn’t it feel great when friends & family read your blog? The Haus (that’s my nickname for Dennis) won’t read mine unless I beg him, but I suppose if that’s my biggest complaint I don’t have much to complain about-haha.

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