Simple Corned Beef

About a week or so ago my friend, Veronica, mentioned having the worst corned beef brisket ever!  I think it was probably the brisket and not how it was prepared.  Still, I couldn’t get over that she said it was the worst ever.  I’ve never had a bad one! 

I decided to make a brisket after St. Patty’s Day hoping to catch them on sale.  I guess we don’t believe in sales around here.  I bought one around 3 pounds and ended up paying $17.51 for it!!  Yikes, good thing I’d get a few dinners and lunches out of it.

I figured I would post how simple it really is to make delicious, slow-cooked corned beef.  Then turn that into the perfect reuben sandwich.  Here’s to better luck next next time Veronica 🙂

P.S. The hubs will eat this too, I’m starting to look like I’m lying about his pickiness 😉

Simple Corned Beef

2-3 lb. corned beef brisket
3 garlic cloves, smashed
10 or so black peppercorns
2 bay leaves
seasoning packet that comes with the brisket
2 c. beef broth
1 yellow onion, quartered
salt & pepper to taste
canned whole potatoes (optional)

You may need to cut the corned beef in half unless you have a pretty large crockpot.  Add the onion and garlic to the crockpot, next add the beef.  Sprinkle salt and pepper on the beef.  Add the bay leaves, peppercorns and seasoning packet.  Pour in the broth.  If it doesn’t cover the beef add more broth or water to where it is just barely covering the brisket.  Optional step here…add two cans of whole potatoes. 

Cook on low setting for 8-9 hours.  Basically as long as you’re at work, unless you are working a double, work 2 hours a day or don’t work at all, then don’t go by this timer or you could have some funkified corned beef!

When the beef easily flakes apart, it’s done.  Skim the excess fat off the top with a slotted spoon.  Place the corned beef on a plate and let cool enough to handle it.  Shred into pieces, removing fatty pieces from the meat as you shred.  Serve the meat with the potatoes or make reubens…

Here’s what you’ll need for one reuben sandwich:

2 slices rye bread
1 slice swiss cheese
sauerkraut (optional)
homemade thousand island dressing or bottled
shredded corn beef

Butter one side of each piece of bread.  Put one piece of bread buttered side down in a non-stick skillet, preheated to medium-high heat.  Quickly add about a teaspoon or two of thousand island dressing and spread out on the bread slice.  Top this with a layer of corned beef.  Add the (optional) sauerkraut next and top with a piece of swiss cheese.  Big swiss 🙂

On the non-buttered side of your 2nd piece of bread, spread some more thousand island and put the top on the sammie.  Cook each side 3-5 minutes or until golden brown.  Slice in half and serve with pickles or leprechauns 😉  Enjoy!

About Suzie

My name is Suzie. I'm married and have a son in the Army. I enjoy cooking, country life, reading and my animals, hence the name of this blog. My two German Shepherds are underfoot anytime I'm cooking ;) Oh, I'm also addicted to Food Network Channel.
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9 Responses to Simple Corned Beef

  1. Jenna says:

    Wow, it IS simple! (that’s a surprise to me) And the Reuben with the melty Swiss cheese has me dreaming about lunch time.

  2. biz319 says:

    My crock pot version is even simpler – cut carrots and potatoes on the bottom, brisket on top – fat side up – sprinkle with the seasoning packet and pour one beer over and cook on low. Corned beef and reuben sandwiches are my weakness – so good!

  3. I have never made a brisket and was unaware it even came with a seasoning pack, I may have to give this a try. I think my very picky husband would even eat that 🙂

  4. Veronica says:

    Ugh, just thinking about that brisket makes me shudder. It was horrifying. I promise it was the brisket not me. There was some major evil going on wherever it was made-lol! I bought one at a better grocery store this year and it was really good! I was so happy. I did mine in the crockpot too. My sister’s boyfriend made his by simmering it all day and served it at the party, and it was very fall-apart tender and delicious so that’s a good way to make it too, just doesn’t look very pretty swimming in all the liquid-haha. Anyway, your brisket looks really good, especially on the reuben–that’s a personal fave. I’m a sandwich girl all the way. I always say I don’t like meat that much, but if it’s on a sandwich, I love it. I’m so weird!

    • Suzie says:

      I knew it wasn’t the chef! 🙂 I just was freaking out thinking you never had good corned beef but, you have! I feel so much better now….lol! Yep, simmering in water is a common practice, I just switched that to the crock pot for those work days. You know I like to make things easy, cheesy, peasy ;D

      • Veronica says:

        Easy Cheesy! Now that sounds good. Everything should be easy and cheesy, the world would be a better place. As for the good corned beef, I just hadn’t updated you since I wrote that blog. I meant to share a pic on facebook, but the brisket kind of melted into our mouths and disappeared before I had the chance! lol

  5. I”ve never made corned beef and after reading about Veronica’s time making it, I’m a little scared to! This looks awesome though! I would love a sandwich like this!

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